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Do you work at the interface with an Arab population in Israel or abroad?

Do you require knowledge about the Arab world in your work?

Curious about what's going on in the Middle East?

Workshops, lectures, courses and consulting that will allow each and every one of you

To get to know the existing social and cultural characteristics and codes.

The meetings include knowledge, experience, enjoyment and a review of the area where we live step by step

Academic and theoretical knowledge

practices from Arab society

Simulations from everyday life

Stories from direct human encounters

Experience in performing group tasks

Praying In Mosque

Acquaintance, knowledge and understanding

Arabic culture and language have cultural codes and ways of doing things that are different from what we are familiar with. Despite the fact that we think we know the Arab culture, as Israelis these cultural codes and ways of conduct are not always familiar.

Which sometimes creates a lack of understanding in the best case, and a lack of success in promoting matters or processes in the worst case.

We are not interested in politics, we do not take a position, we focus on the facts and the need, on getting to know the Arab side about its culture, religion, customs and providing assistance to the bodies that come into contact with the Arab population.


Providing added value

Read between the lines and translate the things for the decision makers so that they can come
for more correct decisions that correspond to the Arab population's understanding of things.


Avoiding basic mistakes

Providing knowledge and tools and adding points of view in everything related to the Arab and Muslim view of life
in general and the space in particular. The differences between the different cultures in Israel and the Middle East region.

Intention and correct conduct

Familiarity with Arab Muslim culture and guidance on the correct conduct before relevant bodies
who come into contact with the Arab space in which they live


In what way do we operate in the project?

Podcast from Val - short podcast episodes dealing with the interests of the project

Periodic lectures open to the public via zoom - in preparation for Ramadan, Hajj and other events

Online and digital courses on the subject of knowledge of the Middle East and the Arab world

Workshops and lectures for public and business entities that interface with the Arab population

Consulting and support for projects, campaigns and processes related to the Arab region


Who We Are?


Idan Lahav

Orientalist, Arabist, lives and breathes the Israeli being in general and the Palestinian in particular.

Speaks spoken Arabic fluently.

Author of the book: "Israeli travel book".

Lecturer and guide in Hebrew, English and Arabic, gives unique and fascinating lectures and tours in Israel - with an emphasis on the Palestinian and Middle Eastern arena, on the meaning of the trends above and below the surface.

Founder of the Maval project.

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Zev Salomon

Expert consultant in the field of Arabic language and culture, expert in Islam, Palestinian society and providing practical Islamic and cultural tools for everyday issues.

Independent researcher in the field of Islam and Arab society.

Speaks spoken Arabic fluently.

Lives and breathes the Arab space and controls the Arabic language at such a level that even the Arabs are sure that he is one of their own.

Founder of the Maval project.

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Sounds interesting to you?

We will be happy to hold a meeting without any obligation on your part.

To learn whether you have a particular need, gap or desire related to the content we offer. Accordingly, we will offer an answer that will be accurate for you.

To schedule a meeting, leave details

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